Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where are we headed?

My husband and I have decided to move away for awhile to someplace new, so that he can go to grad school. It was a long process for us, and we are actually still in the process of making decisions. Everybody keeps asking us where we are going, and what we are doing, and unfortunately, the answer is still "I don't know!" I wish I knew... I really do. It would make life much much easier, but easy isn't always best.

Luke applied to seven schools: University of South Florida, University of Wisconsin, Ohio State University, Illinois State University, Virginia Commonwealth, University of Texas, and Minnesota State. We have news so far that he has gotten in to University of Wisconsin, and has not gotten in to Minnesota or Texas, both of which had tough competition.

This is a very exciting time for us, even though it is a time of unknowns. We are ready to start new somewhere, and to see what changes that brings to our lives (maybe a family??). I will keep everybody updated as we go, and will give a weekly report on where we are, where we are going, and what we will be doing. Thank you to all of you who have given us support and encouragement through this process, it has truly helped!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 1

It seems like everything we do now involves a computer, a cell phone, or some other piece of modern day technology.... including journaling.

This morning I woke up and read my brother-in-laws blogspot post, and decided that it was time to start my own (thanks Rob!). My husband and I are about to make some big changes in our lives, and what better way to stay connected, than through the internet.

I have decided to start my blog with my "25 Things" thanks to Facebook...

1. I miss home and I am absolutely terrified of moving to a different state... we will be moving this summer for my husband to go to grad school.
2. I am truly ready to have a baby, but am being patient for the day when we can actually afford one.
3. I have been married for a year and a half and have enjoyed every single minute of it.
4. I am a liberal democrat and proud of it!
5. I love to read and I make time for it every single day.
6. I should be medicated for anxiety.
7. I love to cook but I do not have the space for it.
8. One time I made high altitude cookies even though I only live on the 3rd floor of a building.
9. I am graduating college in 82 days, and have no idea what is happening to me after that!
10. The best Christmas gift I ever got was a brown leather bomber jacket when I lived with my parents on Milford Ave.
11. Sometimes I still cry because I miss my mom... lol. I know, pathetic.
12. I have a dog named Cooper, and Luke and I treat him like a child.
13. I love to pack my lunch... I think I get that from my Papa.
14. Sometimes I like to dance around the living room, and especially do the robot, just to make my husband laugh.
15. I wish I was skinny again... I am actually starting Weight Watchers TODAY!
16. Luke and I have named all of our children, and we are still like 3 years away from even trying to have a baby.
17. I am absolutely addicted to Gilmore Girls, Will and Grace, and Friends.
18. I am student teaching, and working with kids who are going to a special school as an alternative to jail.
19. I can't wait for my husband to be a silver fox. I totally have a thing for older men. Weird? I thought so too.
20. My little brother is my best friend... who would have thought?
21. My favorite meal is Sunday lunch and I cry on Sundays when Im not in Marysville.
22. I don't have cable or internet, and Luke and I are still striving for the "simple" life.
23. I need to put child safety locks on my cupboards because my cat has figure out how to open them and break things.
24. I am proud to call Barack Obama my president and hope he changes things before I bring children into this world.
25. I love my family.

There is a lot to learn about me, and I still have a lot to learn about myself, so here we go!