Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We are moving to Madison, and becoming flower children!

It has been a long time coming, but Luke and I made our final decision about where we are going to move.... Madison, Wisconsin, land of the hippies! The move for us will be bittersweet. This is a chance for us to start over, live someplace new, and meet new people. But, leaving our family and friends behind is going to be one of the hardest things that we have had to do.

Luke and I will be leaving to visit Madison for the first time ever on April 8th, and will be returning on April 11th. We will be looking for jobs, looking for a place to live, and exploring the city. We are so excited that we can hardly contain ourselves!

Here are some fun facts about Madison that Luke and I have learned through research"

  • Madison has the largest fruit orchard in the country
  • There are 1050 miles of great lakes, and 250 miles of shoreline
  • Madison was titled "Best Place to Live in the United States"
  • Madison is the #3 safest city in the United States
  • State Street (which is comparable to an upscale high street in Columbus) is a walking district only. No cars allowed. Only walking and biking.
  • Madison is the biking capitol of the country... Luke's dream come true
  • Madison has the #8 best public schools in the country... my dream come true
  • Madison has 16 dog parks... Coopers dream come true
Those are just some fun facts that have helped Luke and I get even more excited about our move. Please pray for us, and for our move. It is extremely exciting, but extremely terrifying all at the same time.